Visual start guide

Mixing Chamber Cleaning

In order to clean the mixing chamber, the user must locate the chamber insert tool.

Align the chamber insert tool pins with pin holes on the underside of the mixing body. Push tool up to seat pins inside pin holes and loosen the assembly by turning clockwise.



Carefully remove the tool and the loosened assembly from the printhead by pulling down, and place the mixing body with nozzle assembly upside-down.

It is recommended that the following steps be done on a flat surface.

Locate the chamber insert wrench and the nozzle retainer wrench. Align chamber insert wrench pins with mixing chamber pin holes and press down to insert until flush.



Align the nozzle retainer wrench over the nozzle retainer (just above the chamber insert wrench), and turn counterclockwise while holding the chamber insert wrench in place.

Once retainer is loosened, remove it and the wrenches from the assembly. If the extrusion nozzle is stuck to the nozzle retainer, separate.

Place extrusion nozzle, nozzle retainer, and O-ring in a container with Acetone and allow them to soak until after the mixing chamber has been cleaned.


Once the mixing chamber has been isolated, soak in acetone for any length of time and clean with printhead cleaning brushes provided in the printhead service kit.


Place desired nozzle back onto mixing chamber using the nozzle retainer wrench and chamber insert wrench, and place assembly back into the mixing body using the chamber insert tool (by twisting counterclockwise). 


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