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Viscotec Cleaning


The entire print valve does not need to be removed during Viscotec cleaning (as show in images below), and can be done with the printhead fully intact. 



Remove the entire Viscotec assembly from the valve by loosening the 4x M2 hex screws with a 2mm torx driver.

mceclip0.png       mceclip1.png

Lift the Viscotec assembly from the valve to expose the Viscotec stator on the underside of the pump manifold. Slowly pull the stator down until metal alignment pin is fully exposed, and then twist the stator downwards in a clockwise direction (from the top) to avoid stripping the internal lining of the stator with the Viscotec rotor.




Remove the 4x M2 hex screws from the underside of the Viscotec pump manifold using a 2mm torx driver.

Lift the Viscotec from the Viscotec manifold to expose the sub components, including the servomotor, rotor seal housing and rotor.



Clean rotor and Viscotec manifold using Kim-tech wipes and cotton swabs. Take the material fitting off the Viscotec manifold and sonicate if debris is not removable without applying acetone. 


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