Visual start guide

Creating an Image Operation

An image operation is created to overlay a graphic with Inkjet technology onto an ActiveLab™ print.

Choose which bed (Left or Right) the image operation should be performed on, and select the appropriate button (Left image operation button outlined in blue below).




Once the image operation is created, select it from the operations list on the left.

To load an image into the Rhino plugin, press the Browse... button and choose any PNG files from your computer.


While an image operation can be added independent of the print, it is best to have all contours and areas planned out beforehand. This enables the user to more accurately pick the location, rotation and scale of the image, as well as utilize the clipping path feature.



Once the PNG file has been loaded into the image operation, the user is able to fit it to the areas/contours in the Rhino scene using the Pick Location, Pick Rotation, and Pick Scale buttons.


The user has the option to use buttons and mouse clicks, or manually enter values into fields.



The Add Clipping Path button allows the user to select the polygon in the field which will serve as the cutting edge for any graphic. Once the polygon is selected, press Enter on the keyboard.

For multiple clipping paths, select Add Multiple and press Enter on the keyboard once they are selected.



The clipped picture will not show until the user Visualizes the print.




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