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Voxel8 Plugin: Settings


The Voxel8 plugin settings are accessible through the gear icon located at the top left of the plugin panel (see button outlined in blue box).

The user should set the initial settings prior to adding operations to the plugin.



Once the gear button is pressed, the following pop-up will appear showing the setting options for the Voxel8 plugin, starting with the 'Machine' settings.




Ensure that the 'Select Machine' shows 'AL1', and press the button underneath to 'Set as Default Machine'. If AL1 is not the default, press the arrow for the dropdown options and choose 'AL1'.

Do not change any fields in the 'Preamble' or 'Postamble' sections of the 'Machine' tab unless instructed to do so by Voxel8 support upon initialization.


Set the 'Machine Mode' to either 'Extrusion' or 'Spray', depending on the desired deposition mode. Once the 'Machine Mode' is selected, all added operations will have the default template for that mode.

If the user changes the 'Machine Mode' for a file once operations have been added, the operation fields will change to the defaults for the next mode.


The 'Travel Feedrate' field is in units of mm/s (millimeters per second) and defines the speed of the gantry movements on the ActiveLab system.

Please note that 150 mm/s is the maximum feedrate for a print, and that the user may need to reduce the 'Travel Feedrate' if excessive shaking is observed during printhead movement.


The 'Clearance Height' field is in units of millimeters and defines the safe travel height of the nozzle above the print bed during all movements and printing. This value should be reduced if the user wishes to save time on the overall print and eliminate excessive movement above the media plane.

Do not decrease the 'Clearance Height' below 50mm unless you are sure that the nozzle will have no interference with any printed features.
In the same way, the 'Clearance Height' can be increased to 100mm for accommodating 3D features on the media plane.


The 'Initial Tool' field should not be changed from 0 unless instructed by Voxel8 support in unique case scenarios. 


In the left menu, select 'Tool' to see section settings.



The 'Tool' section of the Voxel8 plugin settings is used to customized the printhead settings: mixing geometry and materials used.




Do not change the following fields unless explicitly instructed by Voxel8 support:

  • Id
  • Tool Orientation
  • X axis
  • Y axis
  • Z axis
  • Auxiliary Axes
  • Start Extrusion Commands
  • Stop Extrusion Commands


The 'Volume Shift' field reflects the dead volume of the mixing chamber. The unit of this field is in uL, and volumetrically represents the difference between the mixing ratio at the chamber and the mixed ratio at the tip of the nozzle.

This value needs to be changed if the material properties of the cured sample are not as expected (ie. The change in stiffness occurs (a) too early or (b) too late).

a)  If the change in material properties occurs too early, increase the 'Volume Shift'

b)  If the change in material properties occurs too late, decrease the 'Volume Shift'

Be aware that the Visualizer may not reflect the changes made to the volume shift, and the material file will need to be edited.


The 'Time Shift' field defaults to 0, but can be used to introduce a lag between material extrusion and nozzle motion. This lag is only necessary if large deposits of material are being formed at the end of paths, resulting in lumps.

Consider changing 'Lead Out' options on individual operations prior to changing the 'Time Shift'.


The 'Tool Diameter' represents the internal diameter of the nozzle, and needs to be correctly entered for path simulation (ie. Visualizer). The 'Tool Diameters' are as follows for each deposition mode:

Extrusion: 0.84mm

Spray: 0.6mm


The 'Material File' is selected from the drop down menu, which shows all the material files that have been published to Voxel8 HQ by the organization. The user has the option to 'Hide Experimental Files' by clicking the checkbox in the same section. 

If the organization uses one primary 'Material File' for all prints, select the 'Set as Default' button. This guarantees that the same material file will appear if a new Rhino window is opened.



After this section is correctly filled out, proceed to the HQ Settings section of the Voxel8 plugin settings.


HQ Settings

This section provides the HQ URL for accessing the organization's Voxel8 Headquarters, which operates through the cloud. 

This window also allows the user to 'Log Out' of their account and 'Log In' with different user credentials, for which a new window will appear.

mceclip8.png  mceclip9.png


User information is registered when files are sent to the ActiveLab NCUI on the jobs tab, so ensure that the correct user is signed into the plugin. 



This section provides the information for the plugin license owned by the organization. It shows the following:

  • License Title
  • Owner
  • Organization
  • Serial Number
  • Expiration Date

The user will need to check this settings section if requested to by Voxel8 support.



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