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07. Sponge Servicing


The sponge is used in the cleaning routines when printing with ActiveMix™ Spray. If the user intends to use ActiveMix™ Extrusion exclusively, disregard this section. 

In order for the sponge to effectively remove debris from the bottom of the spray nozzle assembly after the completion of a print, a solvent needs to be introduced into the sponge.

This procedure needs to be completed once, prior to commencing printing for the day, and at 4 hour intervals after first print, depending on the rate of printing and length of idle periods.

Always wear proper PPE (gloves and safety glasses) when coming in contact with solvents.

Locate the following items:


Complete the following steps for proper sponge servicing:

  1. Open the bottle (or cup) of DMSO.
  2. Squeeze the tip of the pipette and insert into the bottle (or cup) of DMSO.
  3. Release the tip of the pipette to fill it until the 30 mL mark, approximately.

  4. Place tip of pipette over the sponge in the cleaning station and gradually squeeze the tip of pipette to distribute the solvent over the entire area of the sponge.

    Do not inject the entire volume of the solvent into one location on the sponge. Ensure that all solvent is deposited onto the sponge.
  5. Secure the cap of the DMSO bottle (or cap) and wipe the outside of the pipette with a clean Kim-tech wipe. Store in a clean bag or container to avoid contamination.



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