Visual start guide

02. Print Frame Assembly


Locate the following components included in the Print Bed Kit:


Select a print film and place onto a clean surface with the release paper facing upwards.

Ensure that the print film has two aluminum strips attached to either side, and that the film is covered by release paper to protect the adhesive coating.

Do not remove the release paper until assembly is complete and the print frame has been installed on the printer. 


Place one of the two print frames onto a flat surface and hand tighten the 2x outside edge screws on the front side (with springs) using a TX hex key.



Loosen (do not fully unscrew) the 8x top screws on the bottom and top retaining panels of the print frame using a TX hex key.


Fold each of the aluminum bars once over the print film and slide into the the front slot underneath the front retaining panel that was loosened in the previous step.



Once the front side has been inserted into the slot about an inch, insert the back side aluminum bar into the other slot. Simultaneously guide both aluminum bars through the channels until parallel and centered across the bottom/top retaining panels.

If necessary, use hex driver to push the aluminum bars through the channels.


Make sure retaining panel is pushed down all the way, securing the aluminum bars, and tighten the 8x screws at the top of the retaining panels using a TX hex key.

 Loosen the 2x outside screws at the bottom edge of the print frame until screws are no longer under compression. Place onto the print bed with the spring side facing the front of the machine, and remove the release paper to expose the adhesive side of the print film.


Tighten or loosen the springs after the print bed is installed onto the printer if kinematic couplings are not sliding into the coupling locations via magnets.




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