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Changing Materials: Remote to Local

Refer to Changing Materials: Overview for required tools and accessories, as well as the procedure for initiating a material change in the NCUI.

Remote pumping materials can remain on the remote pumping assembly during local pumping use.
Always wear proper PPE (gloves and safety glasses) when coming in contact with materials.
  1. Prepare the new 6oz cartridge by taking off the cartridge lid, standing the cartridge on its wide end, and removing the outlet cap by hand or using an adjustable wrench.

    Locate an extra inlet fitting and tighten on outlet location of the cartridge using an adjustable wrench.

    mceclip0.png  mceclip1.png

    Do not remove the outlet cap from the new cartridge before it is ready to be installed onto the remote pumping assembly, as materials will crystallize when exposed to air.
  2. Access the local pumping assembly on the printhead through the front door of the printer. Note the locations of the 4x print material inputs, as shown below.


  3. Locate material that needs to be changed and loosen the remote pumping hose fitting with an adjustable wrench by turning counterclockwise while holding the hose in place.

    Once the fitting is off, secure an inlet fitting plug at the end of it by using an adjustable wrench to turn the plug inside the female fitting of the hose.

    Guide the hose to clamp inside the roof of the printer and secure.


  4. Place a 6oz cartridge retainer on the new cartridge, transfer to the local pumping location vacated by the hose, and immediately tightening the inlet fitting with an adjustable wrench by turning clockwise. 

  5. Locate the 6oz cartridge retainer cap (with tube) in accessories, and connect tubing to the quick release connector locations closest to the fitting from which hose was removed.

    mceclip4.png  mceclip5.png  mceclip6.png
  6. Secure the cartridge retainer cap to the cartridge retainer by sliding it down the alignment slots and tightening clockwise until fully tight.

  7. If print material is changed from extrusion material to spray material, navigate to the manual tab and incrementally jog the correct material axis 5 mL (5000 uL) after bringing the nozzle to the nest.
  8. Material pressures will activate when front door is closed and a print is commenced. Ensure that the correct pumping mode is set in the settings tab of the NCUI.
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