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Changing Deposition Mode

Each of the two ActiveMix™ deposition modes -  ActiveMix™ Extrusion and ActiveMix™ Spray - has a specific print materials and nozzle assembly associated with it, which need to be installed and correctly set in the settings tab of the Voxel8 user interface (NCUI)

Complete the following steps to change the deposition mode:

  1. Navigate to the settings tab on the Voxel8 user interface (NCUI).

  2. Select the desired pumping mode for the print materials. Both remote pumping and local pumping are compatible with extrusion and spray.

    The remote pumping assembly holds 1x 32oz cartridge of purge material and 4x 32oz cartridges of print materials. Local pumping holds 4x 6oz cartridge of print materials, but still uses remote pumping for 32oz purge material. 

  3. Select the desired print materials and ensure that cartridge size correlates to pumping selection (6oz catridges for local pumping, 32oz cartridges for remote pumping).

    Check that print materials have been preconditioned at least one week prior to installation.

  4. Locate desired nozzle assembly and ensure its cleanliness. If necessary, use a cotton swab dipped into a solvent to remove any residues from the nozzle.

  5. Install the selected print material set via the changing materials procedure. The procedure details 4 options of material change: changing material on the remote pumping assembly, changing material on the local pumping assembly, changing from using remote to local pumping, and changing from using local to remote pumping, so select and carry out the appropriate one.

  6. With Extrusion nozzle assembly on, run the appropriate material change script.

  7. If switching from Extrusion to Spray, follow the Changing Nozzle Assembly guide to install the atomization nozzle. Otherwise, keep as is.

  8. In the Settings Tab in the NCUI select desired deposition method via the toggle in the top right corner.


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