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Changing Nozzle Assembly

The ActiveLab™ printer comes with two different nozzle assemblies: one to be used with   ActiveMix™ Extrusion (and during calibration routines), and the other for ActiveMix™ Spray.

Always wear PPE (gloves and safety glasses) when handling parts that have been in contact with materials.

In order to change between nozzle assemblies, the user must complete the following:

  1. Execute the autoclean command in the NC file tab to clear the nozzle of any debris, and bring the printhead to the service position using the button in the settings tab.
  2. Identify the currently installed nozzle assembly on the printhead, differentiated in images below.

       Extrusion Nozzle Assembly                   Spray Nozzle Assembly

    The steps below are given for changing from an extrusion nozzle assembly to a spray nozzle assembly, but the same steps are followed for a swap in the other direction.

  3. Locate the chamber insert tool and align with pin holes on the underside of the mixing body. Push tool up to seat pins inside pin holes and loosen the assembly by turning clockwise.


  4. Carefully remove the tool and the loosened assembly from the printhead by pulling down, and place the mixing body with nozzle assembly upside-down.

    It is recommended that the following steps be done on a flat surface.

  5. Locate the chamber insert wrench and the nozzle retainer wrench. Align chamber insert wrench pins with mixing chamber pin holes and press down to insert until flush.

  6. Align the nozzle retainer wrench over the nozzle retainer (just above the chamber insert wrench), and turn counterclockwise while holding the chamber insert wrench in place.

  7. Once retainer is loosened, remove it and the wrenches from the assembly. If the extrusion nozzle is stuck to the nozzle retainer, separate.
  8. Place extrusion nozzle and nozzle retainer in a container with Acetone and allow them to soak until their next use.
  9. Locate the spray nozzle and spray nozzle retainer.

    These parts will have been placed in a container with Acetone for soaking. Check to see that the right size O-ring is present on the spray nozzle.

    Ensure that no residue is visible on either part. If there is any contamination, clean with Acetone using cotton swabs or Kimtech wipes.

    If there is blockage in the nozzle, use the small needle to poke it through.
  10. Place the spray nozzle into the spray nozzle retainer so that they are flush and concentric.

    Apply some Molykote onto the O-ring before proceeding to next step.

  11. Flip the mixing body upside-down to allow the spray nozzle retainer (with nozzle inside) to be hand-tightened counter-clockwise without dislodging the O-ring.

  12. Flip assembly again, so that the spray nozzle retainer is facing up, and place the two wrenches around the nozzle retainer as described in Step 5 & 6. Keep tightening until the nozzle is perfectly concentric with the nozzle retainer.

    If nozzle is still not concentric after excessive tightening, loosen the nozzle retainer and attempt to tighten correctly again. Observe concentric alignment in bottom right image.

  13. Remove the wrenches from the nozzle and mixing body assembly, flip mixing body upside-down and screw into the mixing chamber by hand in the counter-clockwise direction. Make use of the chamber insert tool to fully tighten.




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