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06. Deposition Mode


Each ActiveMix™ deposition mode (ActiveMix™ Extrusion and ActiveMix™ Spray) has specific print materials and nozzle assembly associated with it. These need to be correctly installed on the ActiveLab™ printer and manually set in the settings tab of the Voxel8 user interface (NCUI).


ActiveMix™ Extrusion is the default setting for Deposition Mode in the settings tab, as well as the nozzle assembly on the printhead.


If ActiveMix™ Spray is desired, navigate to the settings tab on the NCUI. Select SPRAY deposition mode via the toggles in the top right corner of the tab. The selected mode will highlight in blue.

When changing deposition mode to spray, the user must also change the nozzle assembly. 



See section on changing nozzle assembly for instructions on transitioning from an extrusion nozzle assembly to a spray nozzle assembly. 



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