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Pump Calibration

Pump calibration is the process for determining the factor that needs to be applied to each print material pump in order to achieve exact volumetric flow into the mixing bodyPump calibration is commenced through the Voxel8 User Interface (NCUI) in the settings tab in the PUMP CALIBRATION section. 


This must be done at regular intervals of print material usage, for each new print material installed into either the remote pumping or the local pumping locations, as well as after any print material has been preconditioned.  


Prior to calibration, locate the following items:

Complete the following steps for calibration:

  1. Enter the correct material densities in the settings tab PUMP CALIBRATION section, based on the provided print material sheet for the active material set.
  2. Open the front door of the machine and align the weighboat on the center of the scale.
  3. Close the door of the machine and press START CALIBRATION in the settings tab.
  4. After materials have deposited into the weighboat, open the door and dispose of it in the hazardous waste bin.
  5. Acknowledge all calibration factors in the warning section of the NCUI and check to make sure that no calibration factor has failed.

    If failure is observed, place new weighboat on the scale and restart the calibration procedure after the door has been closed.
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