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Voxel8 Plugin: Visualizer

The Voxel8 visualizer allows the user to preview path geometry and properties, and images, before printing on the media using the ActiveLab™ system. It will also reveal any encountered errors with the print and prompt the user to fix them prior to continuing.

After the correct material set and deposition mode is set in plugin settings, press the Visualize... button at the top right of the plugin tab to launch the simulator in a separate window.




The simulation software shows the following information for the overall print:

  • Total Time
  • Active Time
  • Material Usage

It also shows this information for each individual operation, and the user can hide individual operations to focus in on certain aspects of the print, but the print information will not change.

Use the scroll at the bottom of the window to play through the printing process and Play/Pause the simulation at any desired Time Scale.


Alter View Controls to zoom in on the print and change the camera view on the right-hand side of the window. The two available color schemes are Stiffness and Viscosity (and a combination of the two).

The user has the option of Showing/Hiding Travel Moves and Showing/Hiding Printing Area Boundary. 


Rotate the print area by right-clicking the mouse and holding it for as long as the rotation occurs.

Zoom in and out by scrolling the mouse scroll (up to zoom in, down to zoom out).

Translate the print area by holding the Shift key while left- or right-clicking the mouse.


Select a trace in the print to view Selected Info for that section (right-hand side of the window).


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