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Cleaning the ActiveLab™

Always wear proper PPE (gloves and safety glasses) when coming in contact with materials.

Outer enclosure

Wipe down the exterior of the enclosure with any cleaning agent that does not contain bleach. The cleaning solution recommended by Voxel8 is Windex, as it contains ammonia and will cure any uncured isocyanates that may be present. 


Inner enclosure

The inside of the enclosure (and baseplate) can be cleaned with Windex. If any cured material remains, clean with isopropyl alcohol using a Kim-tech wipe.


Print bed

 The print bed can be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol using a Kim-tech wipe. If debris is visible after this cleaning procedure, locally apply acetone and scrub with Kim-tech wipe.



The exterior of the printhead should be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol. Attempt to avoid the air tubes connected to each valve on the printhead assembly, as alcohol can seep into air channels.



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