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Replacing Brushes

The operator must replace the brushes on the cleaning station at the frequency of once every two months. For heavy printing cycles, brushes may need to be replaced more often.

If first maintenance, locate 2x replacement brushes from the ActiveLab™ cleaning station service kit.

If none remain in kit, request replacement brushes from Voxel8.


To access the brush station, close the doors, navigate to the settings tab and and command the printhead to go to the service position.

After this, doors may be unlocked and opened, and brush maintenance can begin.

Always wear proper PPE (gloves and safety glasses) when coming in contact with materials.


Remove the magnetic lid from the top of the brush assembly to expose the brushes. Using a T2.5mm hex screwdriver, loosen the screw on each brush by turning the tool in the counter-clockwise direction while holding the brush in place. Remove brushes from brush station.

mceclip0.png  mceclip1.png


Separate brushes from the screws and washer components that were used to secure them to the cleaning station.

Take this opportunity to clean the debris deposited into the basin underneath the brushes, as well as the underside of the magnetic plate.


Attach black plastic washer to the top of the new brush and push the screw through the combination.

Turn assembly upside-down (with screw head on a flat surface) and place the nozzle and lock washer onto the end of the screw.

mceclip2.png   mceclip3.png   mceclip4.png   mceclip5.png


Flip assembly and reattach onto the motor screw holes of the brush station. Hand tighten using the T2.5mm hex screwdriver while holding the brush in place. 



Re-attach the magnetic lid onto the brush location and close the door of the machine.




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