Visual start guide


Jogging an axis is done through the manual tab in the Voxel8 user interface (NCUI) and is a process that's only available to advanced users.




If the user wishes to jog motion axis (X, Y, and Z), execute the airknife command to bring the nozzle above the level of the print bed and ensure that no material residue is present on the nozzle tip.

Select the axis to jog, select the speed at which to jog the axis, and decide whether the motion will be continuous or incremental. If continuous, press down on the - or + button until the desired locations on the print bed is reached. If incremental, enter jog step into box and press - or + once to execute step. 

If the user wants to jog the material axis (A, B, C, and D), execute the nest command. After an axis has been jogged, run the Autoclean command, or purge the individual axis that was primed

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