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NC File Tab Overview


The NC file tab shows the NC file of the job loaded from the jobs tab in the Voxel8 user interface (NCUI). The default view provides the user with the following print information:

  • Total print time
  • Total material usage
  • Individual operations
  • Preamble and postamble
  • Rhino scene view
Prior to printing from the NC file tab, ensure that calibration factors are correct in the settings tab and that the media plane has been set.

The NC file tab also has the following button commands on the bottom of the window:

  • Print: The user can start the print of the NC file loaded in the NC file tab
  • Abort: The user can instantly stop the print if issues arise. If abort button is pressed, the Autoclean button needs to be selected instantly to avoid curing inside the mixing body.
  • Autoclean: If this button is pressed during a print, the printhead automatically moves to the nest and the mixing body is cleaned with a prime and purge.
  • Dry Run: If the user wants to see the execution of the paths on the print bed without the use of print materials, he or she must press the dry run button and then press the print button.
  • Show NC File: The user can view the NC file code prior to printing and during the print to track specific G-code.
  • Clear NC File: This command will clear the NC file from the NC file tab to allow a different job to be uploaded directly from the NCUI without passing through the cloud.

    Once the button is pressed and the file is cleared, the button text will read LOAD NC FILE.
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