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Changing Materials: Overview

Changing materials is necessary when a material runs out, exceeds shelf life, or when a different formulation is desired in place of a current material input. The procedure differs slightly between local pumping and remote pumping assemblies.

There are four options for changing materials:

Identify the type of material change that will occur and access appropriate article for specific instructions on changing materials.

The following items and tools are required for changing materials:



If switching between remote and local:



  • Adjustable wrench
  • 5/8" wrench
Always wear proper PPE (gloves and safety glasses) when in contact with materials.




The user must navigate to the settings tab in the Voxel8 user interface (NCUI) for changing materials. Identify the print material (or purge material) that needs to be changed on the settings tab Materials section.

If a material is running low (less than 15% remaining), the bar will turn orange signifying that it needs to be replaced. 

 Press the CHANGE MATERIAL button to the right of the material that will be replaced, and select the new desired pumping method: Local or Remote.

Purge material does not show this option, since it is limited to remote pumping.

If the new cartridge to be installed is not completely full (975 mL), double click the green bar to enter a percent estimate of material, then click 'Ok'.

Always be conservative when estimating percentages, since running out of materials can result in printing errors.

The cartridge will depressurize immediately after the 'Change Material' button is pressed, at which point it is safe to access the remote pumping and local pumping assemblies to change the material input.



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