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08. Setting Media Thickness


Ensure that the nozzle is clean prior to setting media thickness, and that the print bed is exposed at least 1/8" from the left edge of the print film on either bed.

If less than 1/8" of print bed is exposed, readjust the print film on the print frame following the procedure in Print Frame Assembly.



The media thickness can be set in two ways: by performing a scan or by setting the thickness manually. 


Scanning Media

Locate the following items in the Print Bed Kit for scanning the media:


Open the front door of the machine and place the desired media on the print bed and smooth across entire area to ensure there are no wrinkles or bumps along the media plane.

Close the door and navigate to the Media Thickness section of the settings tab. Press the SCAN button and wait until the laser goes to the start position of the scan.




The NCUI will prompt the user to open the front door and place the spacer on the substrate directly underneath the laser, so that it hits the center of the spacer.

After the media spacer is in place, close the door and press CONTINUE on the pop-up window.

Once the scan is complete, open the door and remove the spacer from the media plane. The box in the Media Thickness section will automatically populate with the correct value given by the scan.

Note that the media thickness includes the thickness of the print film, as well as the substrate itself. A warning will appear if the media thickness value is negative. 


Once the media thickness has been set for a substrate/textile, that same media does not need to be re-scanned for every print. If there is a discrepancy in the thickness, the user can adjust it using the media thickness shift through the print control panel.


Setting Thickness Manually

Close the door and bring the nozzle to the center of the media at a safe height above the print bed using X-Y-Z jogging in the manual tab.

Continuously jog the Z height in the negative direction at a speed of 5 mm/s until the nozzle tip is touching the top of the media.

Ensure that once the nozzle is close to the substrate, incremental jogging is implemented.

Once the nozzle is positioned at the surface of the media, press SET in the Media Thickness section of the settings tab and confirm. 

Keep in mind that SET button will always get the height value from the printhead's current position. If you are entering a number in Media Thickness field for a known media thickness, use ENTER button on your keyboard. 




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