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Setting Print Coordinates

Setting print coordinates is the act of correlating the physical print bed area on the ActiveLab™ with the origin (0,0) coordinate in the Rhino scene. The origin of the print coordinates must therefore correspond to the bottom leftmost corner of the print bed, with at least a 5mm clearance from the edge of the bed in both the X and Y direction.


Print coordinates for the standard curved beds (2x) is done prior to machine installation. The following procedure is available only to certified Voxel8 technicians and with explicit instructions.



In the manual tab, bring the nozzle to just outside the left edge of the print bed closest to the bottom left corner. Move the nozzle in the Z direction until the taper protrudes past the top of the print bed, and then slowly move in the X direction until the right side of the nozzle is in contact with the bed.

Raise the nozzle to a safe height over the print bed and incrementally jog in the X direction by 5.42 mm. Switch to the work offsets tab and select the print coordinates row (G54). Press the X button on the bottom of the screen to set the X-axis origin of the print bed.


Repeat the same procedure for Y as for X using the bottom edge of the print bed. 

.  .  .

For the Z direction, the user must bring the nozzle to the center of the print bed at the safe height, and bring the nozzle down until it is just touching the bed. Ensure that once the nozzle is close to the top of the print bed a small incremental value is used to jog the nozzle to the top of the print bed.

The standard bed provided with the ActiveLab™ printer has preset print coordinates, but setting print coordinates must be done for any new bed installed.



The intersection of the green and red perpendicular lines represents the 0,0 coordinate in Rhino. The dashed blue outline represents the actual size of the print bed on the ActiveLab™ system.

The distance between the bottom edge of the print bed outline and the red line is 5mm. The distance between the left edge of the print bed outline and the green line is 5mm


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