Visual start guide

Operational Safety

  • The doors to the machine will auto-lock prior to all gantry movement and printing.

  • Ensure that the media is placed flat on the print bed prior to printing, as you will not be able to adjust it during print operations. 

  • Ensure that nothing is in the way of the doors when they are being closed (material access window and front door). 

  • All material cartridges should be pressurized prior to printing with the correct pressures set through the settings tab in the Voxel8 user interface (NCUI).

  • If there are signs of cartridge pressure caps or fittings leaking, abort the print (which will perform an autoclean procedure) or, if not printing, manually perform an autoclean before opening the door and tightening anything on the machine.

  • Wear gloves and safety glasses before attempting to tighten caps or fittings, and follow all procedures outlined in the changing materials procedure. 



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