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05. Pump Calibration


Pump calibration is the process for determining the factor that needs to be applied to each print material pump in order to achieve exact volumetric flow into the mixing body.

The final calibration numbers are recorded in the boxes of the Pump Calibration section of the settings tab after weighing is complete (see below).

Calibration is done using the extrusion nozzle assembly. Check the printhead to ensure that the right assembly is installed, and check that the Deposition Mode at the top right corner of the settings tab is set to Extrusion.




Calibration must be done at regular intervals of print material usage, for each new print material installed onto either the remote pumping or the local pumping locations, as well as after any print material has been preconditioned.  


Prior to calibration, locate the following accessories and consumables:


Complete the following steps for calibration:

  1. Open the front door of the ActiveLab™ printer and place weighboat onto scale at the back of the cleaning station on the ActiveLab.

  2. Close the doors of the machine and press START CALIBRATION in the Pump Calibration  sections of the settings tab.
    If the door is not closed, the calibration button will not activate the calibration procedure. The user will be prompted to close the door and press the button again.
  3. Ensure that calibrations factors are within the given range. If so, acknowledge all factor popups. If not, redo pump calibration. 

  4. After materials have deposited into the weighboats, open the door and remove weighboat from the scale.
    Always wear proper PPE (gloves and safety glasses) when handling uncured material.
If calibration factors exceed 2.0, or are less than 0.5, complete calibration again. If values are still outside the acceptable range, perform maintenance on the printhead.



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