Visual start guide

NCUI Overview

The Voxel8 User Interface, or NCUI, is used to operate the ActiveLab™ printer and execute NC files uploaded as jobs from the Rhino Voxel8 Plugin. It is housed in the NCUI panel attached to the printer.


The NCUI consists of the print control panel (outlined in blue below) and the following tabs:

The NCUI also allows the user to see, but not control, the following system state information at the top of the window:

  • Line Moisture
  • Main Pressure
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Door State
  • Window State

The state values will outline in GREEN for acceptable levels, and in RED for unacceptable levels. Once the door and window of the machine are closed, the ActiveLab™ system will automatically bring environmental controls to an acceptable state. 




Access to tabs will be determined by the user level. The standard user will have access to the jobs tab, NC file tab, and the settings tab. Advanced access consists of the MDI tab, manual tab, and work offsets tab for certified technicians and Voxel8 personnel. 


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