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Voxel8 Plugin: Hop

The hop function enables the designer to allow intersections in print paths without the risk of nozzle contamination. The user chooses the path that will remain as designed, and define the length and height that the other intersecting path will hop (as well as choose SQUARE or GAUSSIAN transformations).

Once the hop command is executed, the user has the option to hide the original path, or delete it.

The hop curve is created in whichever current level the user has selected.


See the following example of a hop being executed in the Voxel8 plugin.


Locate the two contours that will be involved in the hop. 


While only a single contour can hop at a time, it may hop over a group of contours at once.




At the bottom left-hand corner of the plugin, locate the Hop button.



Once pressed, the command line prompts the user to select the path that will hop:




Once the hopping curve is selected, the user is prompted to select the curve(s) that the first one will hope over. Once all are selected, press Enter on the keyboard to confirm the selection.




The user needs to enter the effective distance: how far away from the curves the hopping curve will start jumping (and descending), then the height to hop, and then whether the hop will follow a square or Gaussian path. 

Both the new and old contours are visible to the user. If the old path is not desired, the user must manually delete it, leaving the new curve in place.



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