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Voxel8 Plugin: Installation & Activation

The Voxel8 plugin is activated through Rhino 5 or 6, and is used to create NC files for printing polyurethane traces on the ActiveLab™ system. 

Ensure that Rhino is installed on the user's computer with a valid Rhino license prior to plugin installation. The Voxel8 plugin is available through a link provided to the user, with the option of installing on Windows or Mac, and an activation license will be sent to the user for registering the plugin.

In the command line of Rhino, type the following to show the plugin window:  ShowVoxel8Panel




If the Voxel8 plugin does not appear on the Rhino window, retype the command into the command bar and press 'enter' on the keyboard. 

If still not showing up, close the Rhino window and re-download the plugin through the link sent by Voxel8. If this does not work, contact Voxel8 support. 


Once the Voxel8 plugin appears on the Rhino window, the user is prompted to 'Log in to HQ' using the 'Username' and 'Password' created upon organization registration. The same credentials are used for the plugin, HQ, and the NCUI. 




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