Visual start guide

09. User Registration



Once the ActiveLab™ system is installed within the facility, all eligible users are given access to the Voxel8 plugin, Voxel8 Headquarters (HQ), and the Voxel8 user interface (NCUI) using their email account and a secure password.

The main user for an enterprise account will have the ability to add other members from the organization by pressing the "Invite New Member" button at the top right of the HQ organization screen.

For the main user of the enterprise account, or if a single license is acquired, the user will be directly registered by Voxel8 upon printer installation.



The same email account and password are used to access the entirety of Voxel8 services.



Ensure that a Voxel8 plugin license is acquired prior to registering users to the organization. Licenses cannot be shared between computers or users.





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